Saturday, October 3rd
08:00 Doors open
09:00 Opening word
09:15 Functional programming: academic curiosity or industry's secret weapon? Keynote Bob Ippolito
10:15 Division break
10:40 Building Video Replies at Intercom Sponsored Mike Stewart The "Why Should You Talk"-Talk Christian Grobmeier
11:10 HTTP/2 - what does it bring and does it matter? Zdeslav Vojković Users First! Emanuel Blagonić
11:40 Break
11:45 Recruitment session Break
12:45 Seriously advanced A/B testing Lev Tatarov How to work with clients you’ve never met in person Community chosen Anna Danes
13:15 Lunch
14:30 Introducing Distributed Databases Chris Ward Building plugin free video chat in browser Mykhailo Lieibenson
15:20 Lua as a second language Luka Mužinić State of Remote Freelancing Sponsored Radan Skorić & Bozhidar Batsov
15:50 Break
16:05 Continuous deployment at Etsy Premshree Pillai Intercom track The Promise of Agile could fail! Community chosen Ozren Crnogorac
16:35 Stop wasting time NOT writing tests Community chosen Damir Svrtan Fast and fpsious Community chosen Ivan Vuković
17:05 Real-time, asynchronous collaboration on JSON Tomek Wytrębowicz Inside the mind of a development manager Community chosen Srđan Stanić
17:35 Division break
17:50 Lightnings + Closing
18:50 Drinkup

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