The "Why Should You Talk"-Talk

Have you ever wondered why some Developers prepare slides for days, enter a stage for no money and speak to unknown people?

At first glance, speaking is an unthankful job. Either everybody laughs at your strong accent or some developing superheroes got more clue than you have. It takes you days of preparations. Speaking makes you sweat, before the talk, while you talk, and again when you watch yourself on a video. Speaking makes you go to pee much more often than it is healthy (most likely). But still, conferences are full of unpaid speakers. There are ways more reasons to give a talk than not to do it. In this talk, we talk about talking. And more concrete, why you should talk as well. And as a bonus, I will tell you about my biggest failures when talking (please remind me).

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Christian Grobmeier

Christian Grobmeier is a developer and author. He currently works with JavaScript/AngularJS, PHP, and Java. He published "The Zen Programmer", works on projects like "Time & Bill" and tries to write other books. For almost seven years, he is actively involved in the Apache Software Foundation. And when his family doesn't demand time, he prints his T-Shirts at night with his side company "Cvltwear".

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