Building plugin free video chat in browser

Together we will dive into world of peer-to-peer web real time communication and learn how to build video chat in browser.

Modern browsers are so powerful that they easily can handle audio, video, screen- and file- sharing right in the same tab allowing to keep in touch with your colleagues and have great conference experience without any specific software installed. Just your browser. So together with you I want to briefly dive into the world of peer-to-peer web real time communication (WebRTC) with common approaches and pitfalls explained.

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Mykhailo Lieibenson

Hi, my name is Mykhailo Lieibenson and I'm software engineer with about 10 years of experience. I'm originally from Ukraine but for last 4 years I travel around Germany. I worked both as consultant and full-time employee in various industries like digital marketing, gaming and enterprise. Last 4 years spent in love with javascript on every end like client, server, CLI, etc. This allowed me to build a platform for gamers and run CryEngine in the browser as well as to work on WebRTC media library which brings audio/video conferencing in a browser.

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