Seriously advanced A/B testing

For about a year and a half, my team and i have been getting better and better at advanced (web) AB testing while establishing a toolset and methodology that help us do it fast and well in order to make meaningful conclusions and be truly data-driven.

I would like to share the toolset, methodology and lessons we learned at Marktplaats on how to test faster and better with meaningful results. I can tune the talk to be more technical or high level, depending on the audience, so the contents and focus can vary a bit.

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Lev Tatarov

What characterizes me is my broad range of interests. I believe that to make a great product you need to know your customer and market but also understand the technology and how to leverage it. I am data driven and pragmatic, which drives me to test everything and anything. I also believe in open communication and always strive to improve myself and help other do the same. Because of all those, my ambition is to apply my technology, product and people skills to making great products for happy customers.

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