• Budgeting WebCamp

    In the spirit of community transparency, we decided to share our budget with you. The broad outlines were presented on the closing talk, but we decided to write up on it as well, for posterity's sake.

  • The Freelancer’s Guide to Escaping the Office Sponsored

    As developers and designers, our professions do not need to be physically tied down to one place, and more and more of us are realizing this and working on a remote basis. At Toptal, we don’t have an office whatsoever, and thousands of us write code and create amazing designs on a completely remote basis.

  • The 7 Habits of Great Product Engineers Sponsored

    I’m Brian White, a Director of Engineering at Intercom. We’re sponsoring the Intercom Track at Webcamp this year, and I’ll be in Zagreb with five of our team to attend and learn from the amazing event that's in store.

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