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What happens when you ask people “what are the elements of a modern web application?” You get expected, unexpected and missing answers.

As an “old school” web developer I’d like to highlight some of the new, and old, elements in web development that you could argue are the ingredients in modern web applications today. Given the responses I’ve gotten when asking about modern web apps it seems worth taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. In the explosion and excitement of the web development toolset it’s easy to get caught up in the tech and forget about the goals. Our goal here will be to consider what the elements of a modern web app are, both through the eyes of a user and developer.

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Joshua Mahoney

Joshua Mahoney is a principal engineer, leading the ReversingLabs Front End team, and has been working with the web since ’96. In the past he has worked at big and small companies in various roles and teams, such as Microsoft, Groove Networks, small digital agencies and even created a short-lived web design company “back in the day” with some friends.

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