Continuous deployment at Etsy

How we foster an environment of continuous deployment using technical tooling and culture.

At Etsy our approach to development is to make small, incremental, continuous changes to the site. Deploying code to production anywhere between 20 to 40 times a day requires not only technical tooling, but also a culture that allows for and encourages innovation, confidence backed by actual data and comprehensive tests, and blameless post-mortems that allow for a feedback loop we can learn from and improve.

Learn how we foster an environment where we make this possible.

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Photo of Premshree Pillai
Premshree Pillai

Premshree Pillai is a senior engineer and has worked with Etsy for over four years, working on various infrastructure projects. In the past he helped build several products at Yahoo!, including Live, 360, and International Blogs.

Outside of work, Premshree loves to cook, take photos, read philosophy and history, travel, and talk to people.

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