Users First!

Clients and designers often find themselves trapped with focus on visual design instead of focusing on user needs. Are you aware of it and want to solve it?

In this talk I will cover most frequent mistakes both clients and designers make in their quest to design visually appealing websites. But, where is the barrier between visual and functional? How to focus on users instead of building a good–looking website/or/application that users will hate to use? And how to say no to clients "overthinking" the user interface?

The design shouldn't be just a "nice looking interface" – it is so much more. The design has to solve problems and not create new ones. Let's explore together what are the best practices and how to escape from the usual client wishes.

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Photo of Emanuel Blagonić
Emanuel Blagonić

Emanuel has more than 12 years of experience and more than 500 different clients from all over the world on his back. From designing websites to designing touch–screen applications, he worked with small and big clients, startups and global projects. Lately, he works on projects lasting from 2–3 months where he can work on–site and help solve problems. He helped design a helpdesk software for telecom industry, touch–screen POS software POS Sector, touch–screen and ERP solutions for food and hotel industries and much more.

As one of the pioneers of the web standards movement in Croatia he is active in community where he works on building a better understanding for design process and educates clients as much as possible.

He doesn't think of himself as a designer but rather a problem solver as he tries to see a complete picture before doing any design decision, delivering not only a solution but the results as well.

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