The API of the API

What can we learn from nuclear power plants? You’ll learn how to design intelligent APIs and end bike shedding with the JSON API spec.

One of the big challenges in building an API is predicting how it’s going to evolve. How will we handle big breaking changes? And how do we share a model layer without code duplication? How can we let the server predict which content will be needed on the client? And how do we focus on the important problems in our API design, and don’t reinvent the wheel? This talk will demonstrate the JSON API approach. JSON API is not only the missing specification you can rely on to settle endless arguments in how the JSON API should be structured. It’s also a specification for creating self explaining JSON APIs, also called hypermedia APIs. This will be demonstrated through a JavaScript library we’ve created at Confetti called YAYSON for communicating between our apps through JSON API. We aim to separate logic in lots of smaller services, there JSON API has proven to be an important tool to boost productivity.

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Johannes Edelstam

Johannes is both a passionate developer and designer with too much experience from working with web and mobile in everything from small startups to big companies. He co-founded and currently works at Confetti, a service for creating fantastic event sites. Johannes is also one of the organizers behind sthlm.js and Nordic.js. Johannes has spoken at international conferences as well as meetups.

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