It's my way or the highway - How to make your code usable by others

How to utilize basic OOP principles and design patterns to greatly reduce the time and effort someone needs to implement your code.

With npm, composer, gem, pip and numerous other package managers, we have more libraries at our disposal then ever before.

The problem with a lot of those libraries is that they address just one aspect: functionality, neglecting another important one: the developer who is implementing the library.

Did you ever find yourself at 3AM, scrolling through pages and pages of documentation, wishing you wrote a piece of code on your own instead of waisting your time implementing someone elses? During this talk we will go over a couple of OOP principles and design patterns that will greatly reduce someones time when implementing something you wrote, while increasing the quality of the code in general.

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Bogdan Habic

Bogdan has been programming for the past five years, two of which have been commercially. In those two years he participated in many projects as a Backend developer. Obsessed with optimization and software architecture, he likes spending his time discussing best practices (sometimes too much).

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