Introducing Distributed Databases

The single node backend is now dead or dying, let's look at the future.

In this presentation we will look the fact that in large scale and complex web applications the single node backend is now dead or dying.

A single instance of a database is no longer sufficiently available, resilient or elastic to cope with the quantities and changing requirements of data that modern applications demand.

Historically, to cope with an increase in requirements and demand, developers have taken the 'traditional' database they began with and layered other technologies on top of it such as document stores and better search. This solves their short term need but creates brittle and complex series of interconnected parts that are hard to scale, upgrade and keep in sync.

Enter the world of distributed databases, designed to be deployed and structured at scale and for new instances to be added when needed without worrying about synchronization issues.

We will look at the principles behind developing applications with a distributed datastore, the complexities of discovery between nodes and the solutions to create a truly distributed database.

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Chris Ward

I am in Berlin. I have worked in open source software for nearly 15 years in the UK, Australia and now Germany.

I love computers, music, writing , reading and board games.

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