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Good performance means good UX. Measure it, optimize it!

There are two types of performance on web, we can optimize page loads and network requests and we can optimize rendering performance. Rendering performance can have huge impact on UX, if your app is slower then 30fps it is most likely that users will show less engagement to it. This talks will show some techniques and strategies on how to achieve almost 60fps on your mobile web/hybrid mobile app.

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Ivan Vukovic

Ivan is ambassador of Planet Funkitarious with mission to spread positive energy here on Earth. He is MSc of Information processing who works as software engineer at ShoutEm Ltd, the world's best mobile app maker for SMBs, where he is in charge for developing best possible mobile experiences by pushing pixels and writing javascript. He is also documentary filmmaker with some films screened on big international festivals and he is president of Funktastic, street dance school where he teaches others how to be funky. He is interested in web performance optimisation, computer vision and art in general and dreams about being Master of art and science.

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