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Lessons learned from a software developer who end up being a full time manager.

What happens when you shift from being a full time developer to being a full time manager? It happened to me during the last three years at Shoutem. While before I would spend whole days in Sublime Text and Terminal, now I became the master of JIRA, Mailbox and GoToMeeting.

I would love to share with you what I have learned through this transition and how my views on software development have changed. The goal here is to help developers better understand their managers and remove some of the friction from their collaboration.

The talk will highlight good leadership practices, but also draw attention to behaviors that are harmful for the team culture. Maybe it will even inspire some of the developers to take the management path. Managing software teams can be very intense and challenging, but also very rewarding.

Hopefully this will be just a start of a longer conversation about how to lead, inspire and achieve great results.

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Srđan Stanić

During the nine years in the industry, Srđan has helped build wide range of web and mobile software projects, both as a developer and as a project lead. Last three years he has been working at Shoutem, a mobile app building platform, where he's leading the product development. When he's not building software, he's figuring out how to get more productive, healthy and happy.

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