We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Popular Vote! You really made a change and influenced this year's talks.

Although we planned to pick 3 new talks we decided to add room for two more and, unfortunately, Jessica Rose couldn't participate in this year's conference so we decided to change the number of talks selected by Popular Vote to 6.

This is a list of most voted for talks with number of votes in parentheses:

  • Anna Danes - How to work with clients you’ve never met in person (16)
  • Anna Danes - How to have a successful distributed team (14)
  • Damir Svrtan - Stop wasting time NOT writing tests (13)
  • Filip Petkovski - Building UIs with React (11)
  • Bogdan Habic - It's my way or the highway - How to make your code usable by others (10)
  • Ozren Crnogorac - The Promise of Agile could fail! (10)
  • Srđan Stanić - Inside the mind of a development manager (10)
  • Ivan Vukovic - Fast and fpsious (10)
  • Kresimir Antolic - Code quality a day keeps the debugging away! (9)
  • Brian White - Debugging your development process. (9)
  • Marko Elezović - My God, it's full of Spark (9)
  • Paško Pajdek - Mongo wars (9)
  • Steve Tauber - Programming doesn't have your back (9)
  • Matej Baćo - Go, language of the new age (9)

Since there were more talks with 10 votes and we couldn't accept all of them we had to apply another criteria, so we decided to give take into consideration the number of votes these talks received during initial CFP voting.

And the selected talks are:

Thanks again to everybody who voted and congratulations to our speakers! You can check out the full list of talks here.

There will be 3 additional sponsors talks, for which speakers and topics will be announced at a later date.