We envisioned the popular vote as a way for you, dear ticket holders, to influence our talk roster by voting for three best talks. The idea was that talks should be anonymous to put the focus on the topic, and not the speaker. Your feedback convinced us that it was an idea that needed a bit more cooking before serving. We underestimated the importance of speakers and over emphasized the topics themselves. As we stand corrected we present The popular vote: new edition!

From now on you can check out details on both speakers and topics on our voting page and, since this decision happened kind of late-ish, we prolonged the end date for voting. You can vote for your favorite talk AND speaker until Friday, September 4th!

Results will be announced as soon as we get confirmation from the speakers.

How do I vote?

Remember: only ticket holders are able to vote!

Once you're a proud owner of a ticket, you can log into our website using the email provided when buying the ticket and the ticket code as the password. If you already registered on our web site earlier, your password will remain as you set it. Once logged in a link to the voting page will appear in the top menu bar.

The ticket code can be found on your ticket and in the confirmation email you received from Entrio after buying the tickets. It is in the format [0-9]{12}, for example: 123456789012. On your ticket, it's displayed underneath the bar-code. In the confirmation email it is shown with dashes, e.g. 1234-5678-9012, but enter it without dashes.

Please note that it may take up to an hour from buying your ticket until your account has been created. This is because our cron job runs every hour, on the 30 min mark. If you have any issues with the voting process, please contact our customer support hot-line, or rather hot-mail, at info@webcampzg.org.