With over 40 applications, the call for proposals is coming along nicely. We'd like to thank everybody who submitted a proposal thus far! You have submitted many interesting and diverse talks and we’ll have a tough job picking the ones that will be presented at WebCamp Zagreb 2015.

Talks will be chosen over several rounds leading up to the conference. The first round ends on Thursday, June 4th (inclusive). For a better chance of being picked, we highly encourage you to submit a proposal before this deadline.

At that time, the WebCamp high council will withdraw to the voting cave over the weekend where we will use our arcane powers to pick the very best of the submitted talks. The voting process, although very studious, will probably include a lot of bickering which may escalate until we realize it's Sunday evening and we still need to finalize our decision (and see our families).

The selected talks will be announced as soon as we get a confirmation from the speakers.

In case your talk is not selected in the first round, you will still have a chance to be picked later; there is no need to resubmit your proposals.

If you haven't done so already, submit your talk now.